Eurostar 2017

EuroSTAR Kopenhagen 2017 – summary by TeamSTAR competition winners – KraQA team from Cracow, Poland.

We thought that it will be possible to publish short summaries after each day of the EuroSTAR conference, but it turned out that the event is so engaging, energetic and full of attractions that it took us a few days to collect all our impressions… Sorry for the delay, we are a little bit late, but we still hope you will enjoy it :).

Day 1

Our prize didn’t cover workshops, so we arrived on Tuesday around noon, just in time to get really warm welcome from conference organizers. Thanks for beautiful hoodies and t-shirts by the way! 

After first keynote, which can be summarized as Fantastic Illusion Under Test (FIUT), we decided to increase our test coverage – Piotr, as a mobile maniac, decided to join the Magic of the Mobile Numbers presentation, Ania choose Ten Tricks for Effective Accessibility Testing, lecturer Darek listened carefully how Michael Bolton is Transforming Trainees into Testers and Tomek just got lost… but only for a moment 😉

Second set of presentations covered topics like Testing Debt in an Agile World, Extracting Hidden Information from Logfiles and – our favourite one – The Risk Questionnaire by Adam Knight.

Evening party was a great opportunity for networking – we discovered a bunch of Polish testers among really multinational audience.

Day 2

The second day of EuroStar was even more exciting than first one. We started with excellent lightning strikes which was a great beginning of the really busy day. First keynote presented by Paul Gerrard introduced the futuristic vision of bots pair testing with humans. At first it seemed to be pure science fiction but believe us it’s closer than you think. After that our team (STAR!) splitted and went to different talks to gather various ideas. Tomek’s favourite presentation was the one delivered by Noam Kfir who was pointing out the gaps in education and defining desired skillset of test automation developers. Dariusz spend a lot of time in the Expo hall exploring all kind of test management and automation tools and making new friends in Test Lab. Ania fell in love with idea of tester who don’t test at Spotify. Piotr as always spent as much time as he could around mobile testing topics. Tomek choose some manual testing related activity this time:

There was also very interesting discussion about social responsibility of testers and testing community hosted by Marta Firlej and Łukasz Pietrucha.

In the evening we had unique opportunity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of euroSTAR conference. First surprise – there was a book written for that occasion – “The Little Book of Testing Wisdom”. Not so little, but for sure very wise :).

After closing day two at Bella Center facility we went for award dinner and party. And here came the second surprise – the gala took place in outstanding Wallmans 19th century Circus Building. We were amazed by the magical performance of artists and warm atmosphere created by the EuroSTAR community. This years theme of the conference is the magic of testing and this was indeed a magical night. If you ever wondered how the test pyramid can look like in old circus, here it is:

Long discussions continued over countless beers even after we left the main venue – but how can you miss the opportunity to have a Guiness with Michael Bolton, or Rikard Edgren – Programme Chair of EuroSTAR 2018? 🙂

Day 3

Terrible hangover couldn’t stop us from attending the lectures about Using Robots for Mobile Testing (guess who went there) or How DevOps Was Killing Test Automation. Literally heart-breaking keynote by Marie Moe is something we will remember for years – guess what happened when you discover a bug in your own implant?

At the very end Darek had a chance to help few fellow testers during his Test Clinic watch, we also learnt some statistics about EuroSTAR 2017 and few hints related to next year edition e.g. where is Hague and how to get accepted as a speaker.

It’s a pity that we had to leave great Kopenhagen after just 3 days!

All in all

Every KraQA team member was looking for something different there and each of us found something interesting:

Ania was searching for some experienced testers she could marry and she found some interesting candidates.

Tomek was interested mainly in test automation frameworks and recipes and he met a friend from Israel who had the same expectations and same issues, now they can continue their research together.

Piotr as usual was trying to cover everything and talk to everyone… and he somehow managed to do it.

Darek was looking mainly for networking with old and new friends over a beer – he established a lot of new contacts, refreshed the old ones and his body accommodated many litres of Dane’s favourite beverage.

Thanks a lot EuroSTAR for opportunity for being there – we will never forget that!!! See you at next EuroSTAR conferences, maybe in Poland??

KraQA Team – Ania, Tomek, Piotr & Darek.