KraQA #19

First ever English KraQA didn’t disappoint. Andreas Grabner from Dynatrace delivered wonderful presentation titled: ‘Metrics-Driven DevOps: Automating Scalabilty and Performance Checks into your Pipeline’. Our survey results show that you really liked it and the topic was interesting for you.

Andreas described how QE can benefit from observing application performance not only on testing environment, but also on production. Dynatrace tool allow us to collect and analyse various metrics, especially time required for a client to receive appropriate content. Both microservices and monolithical architectures were analysed and used as nice examples. Of course we were able to see common bugs too. We love bugs.

What’s interesting in Dynatrace tool is measuring response times for various continents. Basing on those data we can measure how happy our customers are (of course with some error margin). As we all know Page abandonment quickly increases during slow loading.

What especially made us happy is high number of questions. It’s always nice to see conversation going on. That means a lot not only for us (as organisers), but presenter too. After the talk discussion moved to the tables and it was going on for a long time 🙂